Here are 5 ways to make exercise fun without realizing it

Happy little boy having fun in a wheelbarrow pushing by dad in domestic garden on warm sunny day. Active outdoors games for kids in summer.

1. Make exercise fun again by getting outside

Exercising outdoors helps you pay attention to the different sights, sounds, and smells of the seasons and helps you feel more alive. Put your devices away and head outside. Here are some ways to intentionally incorporate outdoor time into your daily routines.

  • Schedule time to walkMake an appointment on your calendar to walk during your lunch break. Getting outside in the fresh air for 15 minutes a day can lower stress levels, re-energize you, and boost your vitamin D.
  • Talk and walkRather than meeting a friend for a sit-down cup of coffee, your conversation may become deeper and more heartfelt during a nature-inspired conversation. Consider walking through a park or neighborhood. While you may walk more slowly, you’ll be moving your body and catching up with a friend at the same time.
  • Exit public transportation one or two stops earlierExiting the bus just one stop before you normally do easily adds extra movement into your day.
  • Spend some productive time in your yardSet aside 15 minutes a day to do some gardening or tidying up around the yard. In a few weeks, this effort will add up, and your yard will be transformed into a more inviting space to enjoy.

2. Looking for fun ways to exercise and lose weight? Shake up your workouts

Small changes in the type and amount of exercise you do can make your workouts more fun. It will help you break your weight-loss plateau by challenging a variety of muscle groups. Try these ideas to get you started.

  • Switch the time you work out. For example, visit the gym at a different time of day, if possible. Maybe you will meet some new people who also value health and fitness?
  • While walking or jogging in your neighborhood is convenient and familiar, a new route can be inspiring. Browse the internet or ask friends to find a new trail or path to check out.
  • Tango, flamenco, swing-signing up for a dance class can increase your heart rate in 10 minutes and bring a smile to your face in less than 5!
  • If music motivates you, search the internet for workout playlists based on your favorite genres. Much to my teenage daughter’s humorous disbelief, I found a 70s workout playlist online (Go, Jane Fonda!).

3. Try a new on-demand workout

Looking for a way to shake up your routine at home? Whether you want to unwind or find a fun workout to lose weight, the sky’s the limit with online workouts. Plus, on-demand workouts fit into any busy schedule since they’re at your convenience! Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

High-Intensity Interval Training

If it’s been some time since you worked out, make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new workout program.

4. Make exercise fun by identifying a new challenge or goal

If you consider yourself a beginner or regularly workout, meeting a new challenge or goal can be motivating and fun.

  • Create a workout plan from the ground up. If it’s been a while since you engaged in regular walking or planned exercise, visit this helpful resource to develop an exercise plan that’s right for you: Create your own workout plan from scratch.
  • Set a step goal. Apps such as iOS Health App or GoogleFit track steps and are compatible with MyNetDiary. Try walking 3,000 steps each day, and then work your way up to 10,000.
  • Challenge yourself by choosing 8-pound weights instead of 5-pound weights for your workouts.
  • Try alternating between walking and running. How about completing your usual 15-minute walk in 12 minutes?
  • Take it to the next level by signing up to walk or run a 5K.

5. Enlist support

  • If you often work out alone, try working out with someone else. Can’t meet in person? No problem! Instead schedule workout sessions together, and sync up by messaging each other during the workout. Connecting with others is a great way to make exercise fun again.
  • Use an online resource before or after your workout to share your accomplishments or receive motivational tips. The MyNetDiary community forum is a friendly place to connect with others who are working hard to lose weight and keep it off.

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